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 Hey there, welcome to my web site. As an independent musician, I appreciate your visit.

A little introduction seems to be in order. I was in the Celtic band Raven, based out of Portland Oregon, for a number of years. During that time we recorded four very well received albums, and the music from that period continues to influence my current writing, performing, and recording. You can give it a listen by following the link below to my first “solo” recording, Archæan Moon. It’s also available on iTunes® and at the live shows.

  Link to Archæan Moon CD

Though called a “solo” album, it was very much a collaborative effort, with contributions from a very fine group of musicians/friends; notably Rob Barrick, Eddie Parente, Dan Compton, Laurie Byers, Peter Clark, and Robin Tufts. Some of these same musicians are also featured on my newly released CD River’s Edge. Follow the link to give it a listen, if you’d like.


Link to River’s Edge CD

To find out where and with whom I’m playing live, check out the “Live Music” page. And thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you at a live show…Thom



Home page photo by Tatiana Kolchanova

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